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60 years old, Saxon, former king of Benoic who lost the war with king Arthur and had been chased out of his country. 

You have been pagan all your life, especially since you met Viviana, the Lady of the lake. But to get support from Rome, you had to convert to Christianity. Your heart still belongs to the old gods, though. 

“My father created Benoic. I won’t let you take it away from my son.”

You are a Saxon coming from the continent. Because your father had older brothers, he had to find his own lands. He did. He conquered a corner in Wales and made it his kingdom. He cut down the trees, fertilized the land, brought there his people and civilization. He called the land Benoic. But Uther Pendragon (father of King Arthur) attacked your father because he was a Saxon. He killed your father, desolated the Benoic, and almost drove you out – you remained only in a small hilly area in your fortress. Uther Pendragon made his general Ban a new king of Benoic.

When Arthur came to power, he ordered that all noble babies born in May have to be drowned. Soon after, Viviana – mysterious Lady of the Lake – came to you. She was a lake spirit your father worshiped. Yet, when Ban took over Benoic and installed Christianity, she disappears. Now, she was back and she was bringing you a baby called Mordred and asked you to raise him. Out of respect for her and pity for the little one, you agreed and proclaimed him to be your son. In reward, she promised to help you in the next war.

Soon after, the second civil war in Albion (Britain) started. You use the opportunity and attack Ban of Benoic. You killed him in battle, married his widow, and promise support to Arthur if he will leave you Benoic. So it happened. You took care of Ban’s sons Bors and Lionel. Only the youngest son, Lancelot, mysteriously disappears in the forest. Both boys were growing up alongside your own son from the first marriage, Doris. You liked them all, and you were treating them as lovingly and equally as you could. 

Two years later, your second son Claudin had been born but your wife (mother of Lancelot, Bors, and Lionel) died while giving birth. Claudin and Mordred had become good friends and they had been visited very often by Mordred’s mother Morgana. Since your wife was dead, you had fun together. 

At that time, you slept with every girl at court. Especially Seraide, a clever maid who was playing a lot with all of your boys and who had the sexiest butt you had ever seen. Hell, you might even fell in love with her. But then she broke your heart. 

Servants brought you the body of your son Doris on a white plaid. He had a smashed head. That sight destroyed you. Mordred and Claudin told you what they saw: Doris, Bors, and Lionel were fighting and one of the boys (hard to say which one as they were very similar and the fight was fierce) broke Doris’ head. You started to search for them but never found them. And Seraide disappeared as well. 

You almost drink yourself to death. Your Doris was dead. You couldn’t stand a look at any kid. You send servants with Mordred to the lake and give him back to Viviane. You send your own son Claudin to the temple to learn from battle monks. 

When you learn two years later that Bors, Lionel, and long-time lost Lancelot came to the court of King Arthur, you were horrified. You send to king Arthur the demands that he gave them to you because they killed your son. You received a message back that you killed their father and if you want their heads, you first have to offer yours. You replied that you killed him in a battle and he retorted that they also killed him in a battle. You said that they have an advantage, and Arthur said that you also had an advantage over Ban of Benoic. You warn Arthur that if they will ever enter your country, you will kill them and he said that he can understand that. You send several assassins but none of them succeeded.

Once, you received an anonymous warning – there is a spy coming to your land. Elyzabel, the cousin of Queen Guinevere was traveling the country, claiming to see the Lady of the Lake. Since Morgana told you that Guinevere has an affair with Lancelot of Benoic, you were sure they are getting information on how to overthrow you.

You imprisoned Elyzabel and tortured her. You learned the Lancelot had disappeared and she is coming to his foster-mother Lady of the Lake to ask for help. You also learned the names of Guinevere’s lovers: Lancelot, Balin, Dinadane, and Gawain.

Arthur demanded you release her. You refused. He declared you a war. You send him a letter explaining who his wife slept with. There was never any answer, just an army. You released Elyzabel, but the army plundered your land anyway. Your Claudin came back home to fight at your side. How proud you had been at him. But you were losing. You send him to Ireland to marry an Irish princess and get a strong supporter, but in the end, the King of Ireland sent Claudin back. It was too late: you had been chased out of your country.

So you traveled to Rome which was controlled by Germans to get support. For a long time, you had no success, until Boniface II came to power, the first German pope. You bow to the pope, accepted Christianity, and got a promise of military support in case your country will be refused to you.

Now you are coming back to England to negotiate with Arthur. You want to get revenge on Bors and Lionel. You want to find out how they managed to escape. But mainly, you want your country back. Not for yourself, because you are old. But for your son. For Claudin. 


Ban & Lionel: you loved them as your own sons. You cherished them, you played with them, you taught them, you gave them gifts, you raised them and took care of them. And they killed your son. There is a big black hole in your heart that cannot be filled until they will be punished. 

Arthur: he is a mighty and powerful warrior and ruler, but he is easily controlled by women. Either he will give you what is yours or you are going to destroy him.

Viviana: whatever she is, she deserved respect. Your father praised her. You acknowledge you. She is probably as old as this forest and lake. 

Mordred: you loved him like a son and raised him well. He is clever and strong. He would be a good ruler. Dangerous, though. He might be a good ally. 

Claudin: the light of your eyes and the only reason why you are doing what you are doing. He is carrying your legacy. You have to give him the best you can. He will be a ruler. 

Morgana: Though she is a woman, she is pretty dangerous. Very clever, vile, and devilish. And she used to be so damn sexy. Still is. 

Seraide: that little bitch might truly break your heart. You think you loved her, even were thinking to make her your concubine, when she ran away with the little killers. Why? And where? What happened? You wish to know. 

Elyzabel: poor little creature. Whatever was her role in all of this, you are afraid you might be too rough on her. No need to torture her. But you were angry and you wanted to have answers. If you wouldn’t be a ruler, you might even want to apologize to her. There is no reason to be cruel to the people who are simply doing their duty.

You are old and dying, but you will do all in your power to secure a good heritage for your son Claudin. 

Check the Political map to calculate your negotiation power. You might need to get more allies.  


  1. You need to get from Arthur your kingdom Benoic. You know Lionel is now the king of it. Unacceptable! You will threaten him by war with the support of Rome.  
  2. You could remind Arthur what you learned from Elyzabel – that his wife had affairs and with whom. 
  3. You might need to get allies if you are to win the war. You can see if you can get the support of Morgana, Mordred, and maybe other kings, Mark, and Galeholts
  4. You want to get the heads of Lionel and Bors. You want to know who helped them escape and what happened afterward. You should talk with Seraide about it.  You want to know why she did what she did. 
  5. You know Claudin loves Isolde, even though the princess was promised to Mark. Maybe there is still a way how to get Clauding to marry Isolde and get support from the Irish king. 
  6. You feel guilt for what you did to Elyzabel. Should you apologize, and maybe offer reparation?