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22 years old, a servant at King Mark’s court

You are ready to believe in anything that gives you what you want, be it the old or the new gods, you don’t care.

“I was born a princess, and even though I live whole life as a servant, it – ends – now!”

You grew up at the court of King Mark, working as a servant. But there is royal blood in your veins – you are the daughter of Queen Morgause and a dead knight.

You have met your mother Morgause many times, she has been visiting you over the years, always in secrecy. She explained to you that you have two older brothers, Mordred and Gawain and that Gawain hated your father and killed him before you were born. She knew he would kill you too, so she lied to him about your birth. She bought a dead newborn baby as proof that you were born dead. Thus, despite your blood, you must protect your identity and play the part that was assigned to you. However, you do not intend to keep your head down for the rest of your life, not at all.  You’ve always known you were destined for something better. You’ve always known you deserved it.

When your pleas to your mother to take you to her castle remained unheard, you understood you needed to fend for yourself. As you were maturing, you began to notice that your presence catches the eyes of the men in the room, whether it be fellow servants or the knights. Not even Elvin, King Mark’s son, whom you’ve known your whole life, was an exception. A period of courtship between the two of you has begun and you finally got to taste the finer things in life. You had to keep it a secret (only Tristan, Elvin’s friend, knew about it), but at least Elvin treated you nicely and gave you nice gifts, small jewelry… Only trinkets for him, but valuable possessions for you.

But then, Elvin was slain in the battle against King Claudas. Tristan came to tell you the news personally and, since you were shaken, he stayed there to comfort you. You were drinking your grief away together, telling stories, reminiscing about the past… until you found comfort in each other’s arms, and became lovers. 

For some time, things were stable and your life has improved. There was no need to keep the relationship with Tristan a secret and you thought that after some time, he might even ask you to marry him. You thought it might even make your mother proud of you. Tristan was a good warrior and an impressive young man. But, the next time she came for a visit, she didn’t seem impressed at all. You started thinking, brooding. And Tristan slowly started drifting apart, until one day he was summoned to King Arthur’s court and stayed there for a year.

You focused on education, and king Mark’s advisor Gariole, the astronomer, was a great help to you. Yet you started to notice the weird, and almost creepy looks Mark is giving to you. Hugs that were too long and firm. Kisses on lips he started to demand. This thought – that you would have to surrender to him – filled you with terror, and also Gariole – who secretly loved him, as you realized very soon – grew very distant to you. 

When Tristan came back, you two reconnected, but he was sent away again. And then you got the news that he fell in love with Isolde, who was promised to King Mark, and they ran away together to King Arthur. Everything was set in motion – you were coming to Arthur’s court with King Mark as one of his servants. And you learned that everyone will be there, including the two powerful Ladies of the Lake, including Tristan who betrayed you, including your mother and your two older brothers Gawain and Mordred, whom you haven’t met yet. 

Morgause: She is your mother but you mostly grew up without her. You want to be more with her – she should finally take you to her castle.

Gawain and Mordred: You’ve never met them but you heard about them. You despise them both but especially Gawain because he killed your father and wanted to kill you. He’s the reason why you have to live the life of a servant.

Tristan: He is your lover. You’ve drifted apart but surely you can win him back.

Isolde: You’ve never met her but when you will, you’ll show her what happens to those who steal your men.

Mark: you love and respect him as a step-father, but at the same time you are scared by his touches and looks. Could he be really thinking about your body? That thought horrifies you. 

Gariole: she learned you a lot, but at the same time, she could be dismissive and entitled, ordering you around and giving you a lot of work.

Nineve and Vivian: You’ve heard many stories about the mysterious Ladies of the Lake. You heard they are old goddesses. Maybe they could help you. 

Meliodas: The moment you see him you feel drawn to him – there is something wild and magical about him, a mystery you would like to crack.

Pellinore: he is your grandfather. Maybe he could help if other’s will not.  

You want to get back what is yours. If it means to fight Gawain, and Isolde, you will. You are young and angry, and ready to face the whole world.  


  1. Talk to Tristan. If you want to win him back, you have to put some sense into his head. 
  2. Talk to Isolde and let her know that Tristan is yours. 
  3. Find out what that mysterious man Meliodas wants and who he is.
  4. Find Vivian and Nineve, the Ladies of the Lake, and ask them for a spell, love potion or something, that would bring the Tristan back to you. 
  5. Learn as much as possible about your brothers, Mordred and Gawain. Maybe you could flirt with them to learn more about them. Find out all their secrets and use them against them. It would be best if you could kill Gawain. Then, you wouldn’t have to fear for your life anymore, and you could go back to your mother Morgause
  6. Find an opportunity to talk with Morgause. Tell her that you miss her, but also that you demand to get your rightful position as a princess. She should take you with her and acknowledge you as her rightful daughter.
  7. If no one else will help, you can go to Pellinore and tell him you are his grand-daughter. He might accept you.