Youth Exchange about well-being through embodied movement. 

When: 13/05 – 23/05/2024 (including travel days) 

Where: Habří, Czech Republic

For whom: 24 people from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland

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Are you falling? Your body will catch you.

Fancy and slightly poetic description of the project goes here> something that will catch the intention,  hm 😀

Join Balance and you will:

  •  learn how to find a sustainable balance through somatic movement, bodywork, and nature connection
  •  improve your mental and physical health 
  •  cultivate a healthy relationship with your body
  • help others! as well as boost your digital and problem-solving skills through improving a digital well-being tool

Main info


In a brain-oriented culture, where thinking is strongly valued over feeling, our attention is mainly residing in our thoughts. Less attention is often given to the physical aspect of the body and even less to emotions, and spirituality. This creates an imbalance in our lives and leads to stress, and unhappiness, and can eventually cause mental and physical health issues.

During balance we will…….

This youth exchange is for youngsters who would like to find a higher sense of balance in their life throughout embodied movement, body work and connecting with nature.


  1. Get practical knowledge and tools to improve participants’ everyday life.
  2. Experience 4 different ways of mental well-being: yoga, Thai massages, breathing exercises, meditation.
  3. Walk 50 km during the project on surrounding hills and forest paths.
  4. Create and disseminate 1 booklet with 20+ plant-based recipes.
  5. Prepare an international dinner for 30+ locals .
  6. Cook more than 20 different dishes that participants will be involved in.

The results of the activities of Body&Mind will be:

  • you will be able to cook simple nurturing plant-based dishes
  • you will learn how to keep your body in a shape
  • you will reconnect with the nature and yourself
  • young people between 18 and 30 years old
  • group leaders older than 18
  • participants committed to taking part in the programme, including creating follow-up activities for their communities back home
  • residents of Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Italy
  • participants who are looking to learn good practices about cooking, exercising and willing to spend time in the nature
  • participants who are dedicated to live in a sustainable eco-friendly community for 9 days and respect the commonly agreed rules
  • committed to the no alcohol, no drugs and no communication technology (screens that can distract you) rules that are brought by the organizers
  • youngsters authentically interested in sustainable lifestyle, observing and overcoming personal limitations
  • youth committed to learn how to communicate and respect each other’s boundaries and sensitivities and generally be gentle and considerate

We have space for 37 participants who are committed to participating in the programme.learn


  • full participation in the whole programme (including the preparation before, the mobility, and the follow-up).
  • contribution of €30 as a participation fee (if this should be an obstacle for you, contact your partner organization in order to receive support from them)

Dissemination activities (follow-up)

  • in the last day of the project there will be a short brainstorming of ideas for the follow-up activities you’ll do after the end on the project – to spread the awareness about mental and physical well-being and how to use what you have learned and pass it forward.
  • the facilitators and partner organizations will offer you full support for implementing your ideas
  • a while after the end of the project, we will send you an impact form collecting stories about what changes you see as a result of your participation in InTouch
  • start with filling the application form.
  • every partner organization (see below) will select 5 participants + 1 group leader to take part in the programme.
  • if you are selected, you will receive a Confirmation Letter with more information regarding your participation. ONLY then you can start managing your travel arrangements and booking your tickets!
  • if you have any questions, please contact us on an email

Learning Process & Programme

You will be divided to 3 groups.

One group is going to work with Michal, vegetarian chief, and pro on sustainability, who will lead you in learning on how to cook more healthily.
Second group will be busy with care for the venue, other participants, making pictures, preparing cookbook, etc.
Third group is going to practice self-care in a series of different workshop (massage, breathing exercises, etc.)

The groups will be rotatory – everyone will experience them all. 

Day 0 – ARRIVING: arrival at the venue, accommodation, logistics, setting up the frameworks of the program and introducing the people involved.
Day 1 – GROUNDING:  getting to know each other,  starting to move, connecting with the ground
Day 2 – BREATHING:  connecting with the body through breath and weight of the body
Day 3 – PLAYING: connecting with different layers of the body, exploring imagination through movement
Day 4 – FEELING: working with emotions through bodywork and movement
Day 5 – RECOLLECTING: building on the learnings from previous days
Day 6 – INTUITING: connecting to intuition, identifying individual strategies to maintain balance
Day 7 – CONNECTING: approaching the spiritual aspect of the body, formulating specific strategies to maintain balance
Day 8 – BUILDING: designing the online tool together
Day 9 – CLOSING: takeaways from YE, farewelling
Day 10 – DEPARTING: departure until 10:00

This might be adapted according to the community’s needs on the ground

  • Program is fully vegetarian
  • Program is without alcohol
  • you will be helping with cooking (and learning on plant-based cooking in the process, under the guidance of our vegan-chief)

Accommodation – Statek Habří

The venue is a pension in the Vysočina region. Forest is nearby, there is a pool, stand-alone studio.
Rooms will be from 4 to 8 people. The rooms are equipped with bedsheets.

Website (in Czech).

  • There will be 3 meals a day + 2 coffee breaks.  The food provided during the program will be an environmentally-conscious vegetarian diet cooked by our amazing vegan chef who will be happy to provide you with information on sustainable and healthy cooking.
  • Before the project, we will ask you about your special diet or allergies to arrange your needs in time.
  • There are no shops nearby, please bring all the necessary stuff with you.
  • In case of need, we can do shopping from time to time, based on availability of our shopping crew.
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Travel Reimbursement

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

The costs of the programme, including meals, accommodation, and travel costs (according to the maximum amount of money allowed per country) will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme. Please contact your sending organisation to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets.

Very important!
The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of tickets, bookings and invoices, so remember to keep them all with you!

Erasmus+ calculated maximum amount of travel reimbursement you can receive based on the distance band.
The whole Body & Mind is a Green travel – meaning, you are asked not to travel by plane, but find a different form of connection. Given amount of reimbursement is valid only if this condition is kept. 

€320         Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy, Romania
€23            Czech Republic 

There is a €30 participation fee, to be paid in cash upon arrival to YE. We perceive this fee as proof of your motivation and commitment to take part in the programme. This will be used for financing the local dissemination activities after the training. 

Contact your partner organisation! Some of our partners are covering the fee for you, so speak with them on your national condition!

If the fee is an obstacle for you, please contact your partner organization or Project Supervisor, and they will support you by discussing alternatives. We want to make participation open for everybody. All we care about is to have involved and motivated people. 

Partner organisations


Forward for Future


Project's Team

Michal Filípek

Kitchen and sustainability facilitator

Plant-based chef, low-waste lifestyle geek and sustainability lover. 

From studying French language and literature to Erasmus+ cooking. Long story short, I like cooking more 🙂

Despite being self-taught, I can share with you my experiences in the kitchen, including several years working in a restaurant. My method is simple – everyone can cook 🙂

I believe that a sustainable lifestyle is not a matter of being perfect in every sense but implementing small steps into your everyday life. During this project, you will have a chance to experience many of these little steps and see which one is working for you. I will be there to support you!

vojta zak

Vojtěch Žák

Project supervisor

I am a trainer, facilitator, coach, storyteller, and writer.

I hold a Master degree from Media studies and journalism at Masaryk University, and years of experiences as a journalist in daily press, radio, and different magazines, but also as a marketing specialist, copywriter, blogger, content maker, scriptwriter, graphic designer, and writer. For two years, I had cooperated with the Career Service of Masaryk University. 

I have worked for 6 years as a scout leader, after that he took a break from being a youth worker for a few years and returned to it after participating in EVS program in Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands. I had become a coach, facilitator, and trainer with a focus on personal development, storytelling, and usage of games for education.

The main topics I am focused on are labor market, social inclusion (mainly of the LGBT+ spectrum), and personal development. The main methods I am using are storytelling, coaching, systemic work, body movement, art, gamification, and LARP.