Activity: Design-Thinking

Acknowledgment: This process was introduced to me by Ana Nikolova, and co-facilitated by Kris Tina. I have adjusted  it to my purposes.  

Let groups practice the product creation process including  the most important phase – testing.

Materials: flipchart, papers, pens, markers. Calling song. If you have a projector, you can screen on a wall a countdown of each phase. 
Playing time: 3 hours
Number of players: max 20

Phase 1 – Group division

5 min. Let participants to create a groups of 3-4 ppl. In ideal case, they should share the same or similar target groups.  

Phase 2 – Golden Circle

5 min. Brief introduction of Golden circle

Phase 3 – Design Thinking Process

5 min. Brief introduction of Design Thinking Process

  • one of the approaches on how to create services and products
  • it embraces making mistakes and focuses on creating prototypes, testing with the community, collecting feedback, applying changes, and testing beta (delta, gama, etc.) version again.
  1. Empathize. Get to know your target group, the way they think.
  2. Define. Name their challenges, and therefore needs. 
  3. Ideate. Brainstorm. Create as many solutions as possible. Remember: why > how > what
  4. Prototype. Make a testable prototype of your idea.
  5.  Test. And collect feedback.

We will go now through all the phases. 


Phase 4 – Introduce the harmonogram

5 min. Flipchart with times. 

  • 10 min. Empathize 
    • present your target group
  • 10 min. Define
    • present the challenges & needs   
  • 20 min. Ideate different solution
    • present your solutions, at least 6.
  • 30 min. Prototype
    • Put together 1 testable prototype.
      • 5 min long activity
      • tested with other groups and 
  • 7 minute per group. Testing.
    • 2 min to prepare, 5 min to play
  • 2 min per group. Group feedback
    • every group has 2 min for feedback
    • bonus: every individual can write short feedback with 3 things they liked + 1 tip they would give
  • 10 min. Adapting
    •  Groups discuss how to adapt their product
  • 2 min per group. Presenting
    • Every group present beta version of their product

Than, there is a space for questions, and game can begin.



  1. Feelings. How was the process for you?
  2. What happened. What was the most useful for you?
  3. Take-away. How can you use this in your work/life?


  1. How have you been creating the services in your organisations so far?
  2. What other approaches to designing products you know?