4+ Elements

Training course on body movement practices inspired by Somatics principles, Contact Improvisation and Performance art.

When: 4-13/7/2024 (including travel days) 

Where: Statek Habří, Moravecké Pavlovice, Czech Republic

For whom: 21 people from Czech Republic, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Portugal, Italy


“Everything that is alive is revealed to man through movement. Everything that is alive is revealed in forms. So every form is movement and every movement visible in the form […]. The purpose of every creative process can be only one: the purpose that makes man a better man, that arms him, that makes him capable of facing the problems of life from the physical, mental and spiritual point of view. ”

– Johannes Itten

Main info

During 4+ Elements you will have the chance to incorporate different approaches of body movement and improvisation techniques gradually building communication codes in the base of consense and care.

The last module (3d) of the program, is leading us to compositions of 

a) a group performance
b) solo performances

Both will be performed on spot for the group, and recorded for your personal usage, and with your permission (and only with your permission) shared online
Upon returning back home, you are expected to organize a performance constellation or/and a research based installation according to body movement compositions with your target group (the youth you are working with

4+ Project is organised in three modular continuities and among others It aims to explore the boundaries of active learning and relating through movement.

  • To Re-connect from the body to the self and Re-late with others through movement meditations and practices. 
  • To come in touch with our inner landscapes and emotions, exploring the space between the automatic mechanisms of the ordinary body & the yet unrevealed of the extra-ordinary body.
  • To perform in the state of togetherness and collectivity.

Module I:  Mapping the body.
Observe and expolre the physicial mechanisms and expressions of the body Itself .

Module II: Getting to know the “other” body.
Building communication codes through consent contact and co-movement improvisations.

Module III: Body Landscapes.
Building up performance compositions related to the topic of 4our & more elements, experimenting with: body movement/ vocals/ Image/speech/ objects

In this Training Course youth workers will learn about:

  1. Somatics: body awareness, grounding, pendulation, titration, sequencing, resourcing, expressing
  2. Body movement techniques: contact improvisation, authentic movement, vocal & physical compositions related to physical theater and performance
  • 18+ years old
  • active in pedagogy/youth work (working with youngsters on daily or weekly basis)
  • recognizing the need for embodiment practices and a lack of competences in this area
  • having an idea on how to actively use awareness into movement in their youth work
  • in need of developing following areas:

1) Stress management, and resilience
2) Creating connections with youth
3) Self-awareness
4) Observing and revealing wrong patterns into movement and communication. Releasing and replacing with new.
5) Conflict de-escalation and resolution.
6) Creativity and authentic self-expression

  • residents of Czech Republic, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Portugal, Italy
  • dedicated to spend 8 days in different body-movement & mindfulness activities
  • ready to eat for 8 days only vegan/vegetarian food
  • committed to learn how to communicate and respect each other’s boundaries and sensitivities and generally be gentle and considerate

We have space for 21 participants who are committed to participating in the learning programme.

  • You will take a full part in the whole programme
  • You will fill the European Commission form within 1 week after the program
  • You will fill the evaluation form send by INspire within 6 weeks after the program
  • You will organize a local performance/exhibition in collaboration with your target group
  • You will held a training session for your sending organization in which you will share your learning on somatic method
  • support the overall dissemination of the project
  • start with filling the application form.
  • every partner organization (see below) will select 3 youth workers to take part in the programme.
  • if you are selected, you will receive a Confirmation Letter with more information regarding your participation. ONLY then you can start managing your travel arrangements and booking your tickets!
  • if you have any questions, please contact us on an email info@czechinspire.eu

Learning Process & Programme

SOMATICS. Somatics is an umbrella term for body movement therapies that centre on the mind-body connection. The term “somatics” means “relating to the body”  or “the body as perceived from within” (soma=σώμα=body).   Using experiental anatomy through specific (and diverse) techniques, unnecessary  tensions of the body related to wrong movement patterns and habits are released and replaced with others. Besides the  therapeutic impulse such methods have strong application to creative processes such as performing arts.

BODY MOVEMENT. Approaches based on contact improviation, somatics and physical theater are shaping the main body of the project. Learning how to learn, awareness, consense, trust and care are the base of every process, feedback and interaction through the practices. Warm ups of different fields and techniques for preparing the body and mind.

SYSTEMIC WORK that focuses on how an individual’s personal relationships, behaviour patterns, and life choices are interconnected with the issues they face in their life.

STORYTELLING in a form of narrative practice that seeks to help the listeners identify their values and the skills associated with them. It provides them with knowledge of their ability to live these values so they can effectively confront current and future problems.

VISUAL ART. Creative expression is among others a tool used to interpret, communicate and resolve emotions and thoughts. Explore and understand conflicts or feelings that are causing distress and use art in order to find resolutions to such issues.

Day 0. Arrival. Introducing & Team Building.
Day 1. Self with others. Ways to relate in a group. Life on stage.
Day 2. Re-membering contact. Building trust and consent communication.
Day 3. Revealing fear.  Storytelling, Systemic constellation, Art therapy, Five Rythms.
Day 4.  Listen to the body. Contact Improvisation. Awareness into movement-patterns of development.
Day 5. Body landscapes.  The “moving” body  as a “poetic body”
Day 6.  Vocal landscapes. Different ways to sound and move a text. 
Day 7. Four elements. Theory-Image connection-Body Location-Movement translation 
Day 8. Final performances. a) group b) solo + recordings.
Day 9. Departure. This might be adapted according to the community’s learning needs on the spot.

* This is a plan but it will most probably change according the current needs of the group. Thus, you have an idea what is coming, but nothing is written in stone. 

  • program is fully vegetarian
  • you will be helping with cooking (and learning on plant-based cooking in the process, under the guidance of our vegan-chief)
  1. You have to fill and European Commission form within 1 week after the program
  2. You have to organize a learning session for your sending organization, within 1 month after the program
  3. You have to organize a performance/art exhibition with your youth within 6 weeks after the program
  4. You have to fill INspire evaluation form within 6 weeks after the program

INspire also have to create 

  1. public photo gallery from the project
  2. a video explaining somatic methods

We will ask you to support us with disseminating it further. 

Accommodation – Statek Habří

The venue is a pension in the Vysočina region. Forest is nearby, there is a pool, stand-alone studio.
Rooms will be from 4 to 8 people. The rooms are equipped with bedsheets.

Website (in Czech).

  • There will be 3 meals a day + 2 coffee breaks.  The food provided during the program will be an environmentally-conscious vegetarian diet cooked by our amazing vegan chef who will be happy to provide you with information on sustainable and healthy cooking.
  • Before the project, we will ask you about your special diet or allergies to arrange your needs in time.
  • There are no shops nearby, please bring all the necessary stuff with you.
  • In case of need, we can do shopping from time to time, based on availability of our shopping crew.

Good tip: 
It can be difficult to pronounce names of Czech cities. Put the names on a paper and show it to people! They will try to help. 

Travel Reimbursement

The project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

The costs of the programme, including meals, accommodation, and travel costs (according to the maximum amount of money allowed per country) will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme. Please contact your sending organisation to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets.

Very important!
The travel expenses will be reimbursed on the basis of tickets, bookings and invoices, so remember to keep them all with you!

Erasmus+ calculated maximum amount of travel reimbursement you can receive based on the distance band.
Ukrainian, Italy, and Poland are obliged to travel green, meaning you are not allowed to travel by plane. Given amount of reimbursement is valid only if this condition is kept. 

€320       Ukraine (GT), Georgia, Portugal, Italy (GT)
€210          Poland (GT)
€23            Czech Republic 

  • If you are paying any fee to your sending organization, we don’t ask for any extra fee.
  • If you are send for free, we ask you to pay a €50 participation fee. It will be send to your sending organization to cover their administration hours.
  • If you can’t afford to pay any fee, that’s ok. Simply contact your partner organization or Project Supervisor (info@czechinspire.eu), and they will support you by discussing alternatives  (i.e. you help us photos during the project, instead of the fee). We want to make participation open for everybody. All we care about is to have involved and motivated people. 

Partner organisations


Forward for Future



Roes Cooperatiova


Nuova Destinazione d’Uso



Project's Team

Malvina Tsiora


I come from the world of Visual art and Performance.

I had academic studies at the University of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece and six months training to ArtEZ University of Arnhem, in Netherlands, related to performance art and painting.

I work as a freelance artist, participating in art exhibitions around Greece while organising artful and educational workshops for children. At the same time I am involved in several groups, seminars and trainings related to Performance, Physical Theater, Contact Improvisation and “Somatics” practices,experimenting with body movement techniques broadening the potential for an an inter-creative experience.

As a woman and as an artist I support and empower among others informal ways and states of education in the base of inclusion and consent communication.

During this project I would like to create an inspiring field of creative interaction in the base of joy and care.

To perform in the state of togetherness and in ways that interest us instead of making things look interesting.

+30 6946482412

vojta zak

Vojtěch Žák

Project supervisor

I am a trainer, facilitator, coach, storyteller, and writer.

The main topics I am focused on are the labor market, social inclusion (mainly of the LGBT+ spectrum), and personal development. The main methods I use are storytelling, coaching, systemic work, body movement, art, gamification, and LARP.

I went from a career as a journalist and marketing specialist to becoming a coach, facilitator, and trainer. I have worked for 6 years as a scout leader and later participated in the EVS program at Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands. 

Michal Filípek

Kitchen and sustainability facilitator

Plant-based chef, low-waste lifestyle geek and sustainability lover. 

From studying French language and literature to Erasmus+ cooking. Long story short, I like cooking more.

I can share with you my experiences in the kitchen, including several years working in a restaurant. My method is simple – everyone can cook.

I believe that a sustainable lifestyle is not a matter of being perfect but implementing small steps into your everyday life. During this project, you will have a chance to experience many of these little steps and see which one is working for you. I will be there to support you!